Are you looking for a career in DevOps/SRE?

According to the stack overflow 2020 survey, SREs and DevOps specialists are one of the highest paid engineers in the IT industry. These roles require a very different skillset and knowledge than traditional IT roles.

An ideal candidate should have the ability to automate tasks through code, design highly available, scalable and reliable systems, troubleshoot live issues, understanding of SLDC and best practices.

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Networking Tutorials

Detailed Videos on lot of other topics in Networking to crack the DevOps and SRE interviews. Start watch now to access the content Start watching now!

Operating Systems Tutorials

How operating system works in context with Linux as a main OS. Dicussions on different algorithms for process synchronization, scheduling and how operating system uses file system and memory. Start watching now!

DevOps Interview Questions and Answers

Lot of other Questions and their detailed discussions. This will help you in preperation for DevOps and SRE Interviews. Start watching now!

Python Tutorials

How to use Python in DevOps. From basic installation to advance level usage. Start watching now!

Kubernetes Tutorials

Read about basic concepts of Kubernetes and its different types of resources, where are these resources used and different ways to use them. Start reading now!

System Design Tutorials

Read about basics of different system design concepts in the world on DevOps and SRE. Start reading now!
Crack DevOps Interview: LetUsDevops

What you can expect in these Videos?

  • Crack DevOps Interview: LetUsDevops

    A basic roadmap of what you can read in the respective Topics

    We will be providing a basic roadmap of what all you can read and how to make it more efficient.

  • Crack DevOps Interview: LetUsDevops

    In Depth discussion on topics.

    Along with making you comfortable with Topics, we will also talk in depth about different aspects of it and how it can impact the whole system.

  • Crack DevOps Interview: LetUsDevops

    Tips and tricks on how to answer open ended rounds like system design.

    System design is one of the rounds which you have to face as you move up in your career. We will talk about how you can answer the questions and how to prepare for this rounds.